Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Web Analytics For yahoo | Yahoo providing a traffic report like google

Yahoo Traffic Tool :

The most important tool for any online marketer is the log analyser. It reads your web site log files and generated various reports to present the data in the user readable and understandable value. Younger online marketers, probably don’t even know what the log analyser stands for, since Google bought Urchin, and made it free and publicly available in its online incarnations as Google Web Analytics. It the ‘Learn From the Best’ fashion Yahoo bought IndexTools some 6 months ago, an today announced the availability of Yahoo Web Analytics.

Yahoo has a bit strange ‘Go To Market’ strategy in letting only a limited number of users to it. Their message printed between the lines is that if you become an advertiser with the Yahoo
Search Marketing – ‘apt’.

And this is where Yahoo got it all wrong and missed a huge opportunity. Yahoo is here just chasing the direct revenue, with giving a free Yahoo Web Analytics to those who pay for advertising in their channel. What they should have done instead is to use the same carrot on the stick approach and give it free to the publishers of their ads. It would widen their ads network and made it more interesting to the advertisers.

But then again, Google with its the largest online advertising channel AdWords, is giving Google Analytics for free to anyone? Yahoo should have a much better product to create a compelling reason to switch.

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