Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let me Know ? Now days Google display a Arrow mark ( Both upper and Lower ) and comment option during searching any Keyword .( Every one knows well)

My Doubts ::

1)By using a upper arrow mark last site come to first . ( so first diplaying site goes to last)
2)By using this google track our site ?
3)Comment section (If our competitor give a wrong comment even though .they access . so our site get wrong impression )
4)One More Option Close option . When we close that site ( during display in google site are disappeared)
5)I like to know By using this trend google give any impression (or ) track our site in special way ?
6)In Future those Option are useful for any tracking ?

Please suggest If know mean


krishna said...

When you signin into yours Google Account. Google displays those arrows which are talking about. The idea behind this is Google is trying to use personalized search in the Search results which may help it for better user targeting. Moreover it also helps Google to track which websites are most visited and most recommended which may in-turn help them to display even better results

syed alaudeen said...

Thank u krishna and Thanks some seo professional giving a lots of tips for these suggestion .

carina said...

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