Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Google analytics Bounce Rate | Webanalytics Consultant India

Formula :

Bounce rate = (Total number of visits viewing only one page) / (Total number of visits)


It is usually measured in two ways:
• The percentage of website visitors who see just one page on your site.
• The percentage of website visitors who stay on the site for a small amount of time (usually five seconds or less).

Once you understand how bounce rates work, you could already work your way around it. Here is how:

* If you get a percentage rate of somewhere between 50 and 70 percent, do not panic. Instead, take this as a signal that you already need to think of ways to positively change your site.

* If the rate of your bounce percentage registers at 75 or above, then you should not delay with making site enhancement. These could be on your content, your navigational arrangement or your design.

*maintain a low bounce rate is not difficult to accomplish if you know the wants and needs of your target audience. Your efforts in doing this will ensure that your visitors will spend longer amounts of time on your site to see what you are offering. This will result in getting the traffic conversion you want to increase your business' earnings.

* You also have to know that Google Analytics will also provide you data on where your visitors were before they landed on your site. They will also tell you which page on your site they got on. Take advantage of this by making all your web pages appear just like home pages and always prioritize meeting the expectations of your target audience.

* If you are already setting up some changes for your site, then you should make sure that you see all your web pages as landing sites. This, as you take in mind the fact that your visitors will not enter at your site through the home page alone. They will also be landing on the inside pages, especially if they were able to discover your site through links from other sites or search engine-indexed articles.


Alexandrea said...

What should our target bounce rate be - what is considered a "good bounce rate?"

Syed alaudeen. S said...

Good bonce rate is less 50%

CARL said...

Syed, where did you get your 50% and 70% benchmarks from?

Syed alaudeen. S said...

Why carl !

By proper analysis you can know a difference . See how your site performing less than 50% and more than 50%

CARL said...

I'm not sure what you mean, but I asked because I'm interested in finding research-based benchmarks. None seem to exist. Analysts also need to evaluate benchmarks based on their industry, type of website and the different marketing channels that bring in visitors. A 40-50% bounce rate could be disasterous if your website is attracting highly-qualified visitors from Facebook or email.

Syed alaudeen. S said...

Hi carl ,

Thanks for your comments . Your saying that 40 to 50 % of bounce rate is disastrous but we got a 35 to 52 % bounce for one of Wesite that i worked on I not found any serious issues in these .

Melissa P. said...

Every site is different. If you have a blog, then a high bounce rate may be completely acceptable - they read one article and leave; returning visitors would be a better measurement. Lower bounce rates and high page visits could point to a problem in that people cannot find what they're looking for.
That said, bounce rates can identify problem areas of your site. Use your site average bounce rate and compare individual high traffic pages to the average. Work on improving those individual pages (use A/B testing).

SEO Services said...

How to maintain good bounce rate and protect it being increased.