Monday, October 31, 2011

Search engine optimization Now Becomes More Return on investement Targeted | SEO CONSULTANT CHENNAI

Once a company has a clear understanding of the opportunity gaps that exist within a marketplace, SEO reinvestment suddenly becomes much less of a guessing game. It also becomes much easier to project financial gains based on the more accurate search volume. The question of “how much should I invest?” suddenly becomes quite obvious based on the total revenue created by search-network PPC campaigns.

The figure below is a high-level illustration of how one might strategically integrate this data:


As can be seen above, Keywords 13, 14, and 10 represent extremely high opportunity, whereas Keyword 6 represents great long-term opportunity. In this example, link building, content, and asset management should clearly take priority around these high opportunity keywords.


While PPC data isn't perfect, it has the power to fuel SEO campaigns with the following:

  • A more accurate understanding of monthly search volume (especially within specific regional parameters).
  • Integrated ROI data for highly refined keyword research.
  • A strong understanding of effective ad copy that can potentially be integrated in body content, title tags, and meta descriptions.
  • Effective call-to-actions based on keyword type.


Austin SEO said...

The ROI on search engine optimization should be more than the initial investment, if not, a company should re-evaluate its SEO strategy and liase it with the changes that occur in the market together with the goals of the organization.

preeti said...

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shahrukh said...

This information is really very useful for me. Thank you very much for such important information.