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Mobile Web analytics | Need for mobile Web analytics data | Syed alaudeen- Seo consultant chennai

Mobile web analytics studies the behavior of mobile web visitors, in a similar way to desktop web analytics. Mobile web analytics refers to the use of data collected as visitors access a web page from a mobile device.

Data collected as part of mobile web analytics typically includes traditional information such as page views, visits, visitors, countries, but additionally includes mobile specific information related to mobile device (model, manufacturer, screen resolution, possible ad-hoc grouping based on device capabilities such as "smartphone", etc.), mobile network operator (carrier), access via cellular mobile network or WiFi network etc.

Why not use standard web analytics technologies for mobile web analytics?

Collecting data for mobile web analytics is not as straight forward as traditional web analytics since many of the common methods for data collection either do not work or are at best unreliable. Using traditional tools such as Google Analytics may appear to work but will actually provide misleading data that represents only a percentage of actual mobile traffic.

For example, when applying traditional analytics software on a Mobile Web Site you may only see page views, visits, etc. counted only for cellular wireless (mobile phone) HTTP requests coming from the most advanced mobile browsers such as those found in the iPhone, Android, and other smart phones and PDAs rather than all the mass market devices actually browsing your site from a cellular mobile network.

In addition, traditional web analytics software that uses server log parsing and associates different IPs with "unique visitors" may fail miserably in identifying unique visitors, since the IPs from which cellular wireless network HTTP requests originate from are the Gateway IPs of the network access providers (carriers).

For devices such as the BlackBerry or for phones using Opera Mini browser software, the IP address refers to an internet gateway machine in Canada or Norway owned by those companies.

Furthermore. mobile Web sites are usually open to access from any kind of network (fixed, Wi-Fi, cellular wireless, satellite wireless, etc.) so depending on where the HTTP requests are coming from, a traditional web analytics solution could be from pretty much accurate to mostly innacurate.

Collecting data for mobile web analytics requires a different approach to traditional desktop web analytics. PercentMobile is built from the ground to handle mobile-specific data. Data integrity is ensured by how we track, process, and report on your traffic data using our mobile-specific databases, algorithms, and business rules. PercentMobile's database of Operator and WiFi service providers and network detection methodology makes it easy to learn about where your users come from and how they are accessing your site. We make sure that you are always presented with the actual source networks instead of the locations of Service Proxies such as RIM, Novarra, and Opera.

Desktop web analytics tools lack mobile-specific processing algorithms and metrics.

Traditional web analytics solutions do not adequately capture the mobile-specifc fields which are important for accurately tracking mobile web usage. Neither do they support an extensive list of device-specific information.

Mobile web analytics requires metrics and KPIs associated with mobile device information (model, manufacturer, screen resolution) which can be assembled by combining device identification information taken from special HTTP headers (such as user-agent) with device capabilities stored in a device database.

With an extensive Devices database, PercentMobile provides a clear picture of your mobile ecosystem. Drill down to one specific operator or device and learn it's usage over time and by location. We also provide a list of all relevant capabilities of individual devices such as Audio, Video or Image properties, WiFi, GPS, Operating System and more.


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