Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 Analytics Tips for Agencies | Syed Alaudeen | SEO Consultant Chennai

3 Analytics Tips for Agencies

Top 3 Mobile tips

With the explosion in mobile, there was no doubt that it needed to be one of the main topics of the conversation. Eric Feinberg, from Foresee, stated the obvious mobile tip, “Get in or Die!” and delivered these great, forward thinking tips on mobile.

1) Be visual and branded! – Be visual with mobile user experience and maintain your branding. Don’t bore and don’t be afraid to challenge convention. Then again, don’t forget to ensure you at least provide a basic mobile optimized experience. Don’t blow it like Tylenol and Trident Gum.

Mobile Don’t! Tylenol’s Mobile Experience Disaster. It requires Flash.
Tylenol Mobile Experience Disaster
Mobile Don’t! Trident Gum’s Mobile Experience Fails Big Time. It requires Flash.
Trident Gum Mobile Experience Fails Big Time
Mobile Do! Expedia delivers Great Mobile Experience. Simple and great iconography.
Expedia Great Mobile Experience
Mobile Do! Clearly, Kayak put a lot of thought into delivering an optimum mobile experience.
Kayak Great Mobile Experience
2) Align with and understand mobile intent – Believe it or not, even the most trivial products are searched online and users want information relevant to their mobile intent.

Consider the scenario where a tired mother is at the store shelf around 11pm and needs simple to access information in order to select the proper medicine for her for sick, crying child. When you understand that this mobile intent exists, you can create a more useful experience for users searching on the go at the store shelf.

If you deliver, you will make a positive impression on your audience that they won’t soon forget!

3) Provide a custom experience for each device – Great advice, but I disagree that one should create physically separate sites on different domains. This is resource intensive, cost intensive and dilutes SEO authority.
This can be done better with Responsive Web Design which drastically reduces costs, simplifies maintenance and improves SEO authority by consolidating all authority on one domain.

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