Friday, May 22, 2009

Social Media More Difficult in B2B Than B2C - Discussion

Social Media Marketing Difficult In B2B website Compare To B2C Website :

The interesting thing is that in the B2B space, we have "talents" or highly experienced, skillful and talented professionals who are individuals who own their human capital.

So these talented folks could work in networks that exist BETWEEN corporations. In fact, this is what the Linux developers are doing, and there are over 10,000 of them (if I remember correctly).

Am not sure if such networks can be called "social media" or should be more accurately called "socio-productive media" since they DO create wealth (although only a few companies are positioned and structured to benefit from this wealth, such as Redhat).

There's also a distinction between B2C vs B2B in that consumers create objects for consumption while businesses usually create "capital goods" which are then USED to produce (consumer) value.

This doesn't mean "digital consumer goods" are less valuable. Just look at teen millionaire Ashley Qualls'!

As to whether the basis for Social Media is as effective or more difficult to manage in the B2B space, it depends on how the company leading the effort can convince participating contributors of what they stand to gain if they participate.

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