Friday, May 29, 2009

Branding - Importance of Branding a Product

Branding and Marketing

Marketing is the overall umbrella, so to speak, with branding being part of the mix.

Firstly, you create a brand (name, logo, treatment) and you standardize it. To protect it,you should trademark it. Initially, any and all materials or applications you create with this brand, you need to make sure it is consistent in look/feel/color, that you are not only re-enforcing the trademark but you are also establishing awareness among your customers/ clients/ consumers.

Tools - advertising in print, internet, TV, collateral materials, etc. It just depends on on
your market, target demographic, objectives, strategies and product.

Marketing is the entire process of developing, promoting and selling products or services.
Branding is a component of marketing.

Brands are unique and differentiated sets of associations that create relationships with
intended targets. Why are they important to customers and prospects?

-They create convenient “shortcuts” to decision making.
-They create expectations about the product and service experience.
-They create expectations about quality about quality and value.
-They help manage uncertainty by ensuring the predictability of outcomes.
-They help users express themselves.
-They are vehicles through which users align themselves with ideas, principles, values and

benefits that are important to them.

A Brand is not advertising, a logo or a positioning line (“Just Do It”, for example). It is
more than just a product name. A Brand is a covenant with the customer. This covenant must
convey a series of expectations and a predictability which, when consistently met, sets up
the Character and Integrity of the Brand. A Brand consists of three parts:

1. Physical Attributes.
2. Style.
3. Character.


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