Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter Marketing Guide

1 – First and foremost, you need to know the difference between posting often and spamming. You do not want to spam Twitter. Instead, you are going to want to post meaningful, relevant and readable content that your subscribers are going to look forward to. Spamming is the ultimate mistake that many twitter marketers end up making early on in their marketing endeavors. Twitter is a social network, not a medium for spamming, and if you overwhelm your readers with spam, no one will stop by anymore. It may be tempting to spam, but you will never benefit from it, so do not waste your time.

2 – Know what you intend to promote when you start posting on Twitter. This is absolutely paramount when it comes to understanding how to get the most out of twitter marketing in order to drive business to your website or your door. If you know your product well, and you understand what it is going to take to market it, then you are already a step ahead of everyone else, and this is a really good place for you to be.

3 – It is vital that you know what kind of information you need to put out there, both when you’re writing your own Tweets and when you are responding to the messages of others. When you have a planned out routine for how you will communicate with other businesses online, you will be more successful with Twitter and those who you communicate with on the service.

4 – One of the greatest boosts to your Twitter marketing endeavor will be to learn how to communicate effectively on Twitter. You can use twitter as a medium for conversation, but only if you know how to communicate effectively with those who are reading your Twitter feed.

5 – In order to get the most out of your Twitter marketing endeavor, it is vital that you learn how to participate in the community, communicating properly in the process. Twitter is largely a community based social networking site, so while you may be blogging on the site for your own business purposes, you will not get anywhere unless you are willing to participate in the conversation, communicating with other businesses, consumers and other individuals as well to get the word out about your business and to share something of yourself with the rest of the community.

6 – Make the most out of your account. Create a profile page with a picture and some information about your company. This allows the people who are reading your Twitter feed to get to know you better, which is what social networking sites like Twitter are really all about. The more your readers are able to get to know you, the more likely they will return time and time again to see what you are writing about.

7 – Have a plan going in, if you want to get the most out of your Twitter endeavor. Do some research and get to know what Twitter is really all about before you start posting on your own. Devise a basic outline for posting, and once you have a good solid plan you can get started. The better planned out your endeavor is, the more you will be able to benefit from marketing your business, product or service through Twitter.

8 – Avoid over promoting your product. While you can and should post about your product or service in your twitter posts, do not make this the sole focus of your Twitter account. Post all kinds of relevant information about your company, your products, the industry and anything else that is relevant, rather than overwhelming your readers with posts on a single topic. If you’re selling a product and using Twitter to accomplish it, your readers will expect some marketing and product promotion, but you must take absolute care not to overwhelm them with it if you want your readers to continue following your Twitter feed.

9 – Facilitate conversation! Nobody said Twitter had to be all about sharing information; you can also facilitate conversation by asking questions. Take polls, ask thoughtful questions and come up with other unique ways to get your readers to respond to you in order to better market yourself on Twitter. Conversation is an important part of marketing your company through Twitter, so get your readers talking by asking smart questions in search of smart answers.

10 – Follow relevant Twitter feeds. When you “follow” a new Twitter feed, the owner of that feed is notified. By notifying Twitter feed authors that you’re reading them, you are cluing them in to your existence, which will build traffic for your own marketing campaign as well.


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