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Keyword Effectiveness Index | seo service provider chennai

Formula of KEI - KEI is the square of the popularity of the keyword and divided by its competitiveness.

Formula of KEI in mathematical terms = K2 /C*1000
Where K = Keyword Monthly search
C= Competitiveness Of particular keyword (where competition equals number of websites when particular keyword searched)

Type 1 KEI condition
Where If K increases, K2 will also increase and therefore KEI will increase thus satisfied Type 1 conditions.
Type 2 KEI condition
If C increase kEI decrease thus satisfied Type 2 conditions.
Type 3 KEI condition
If both K and C increase, K/C will also increase and remain same as before thus KEI increases.

In terms of Search engine optimization, What is conclusion of KEI

  • KEI increase ROI increase and high valuable.
  • KEI decrease ROI decrease and less valuable.
At the time keyword research, definition of broad Match or exact Match or Exact search:
Match type is very significant in terms of keyword research. I am explaining below each terms and meaning

Broad Match – When a visitor or user searches for a term, gives all the words of the targeted keyword.

Phrase Search – When visitor or user searches for a term, gives entire phrase of the targeted keyword.

Exact Search – When a visitor or user searches for the exact keyword with no other words. It gives the most truthful and correct data of how many searches that the intended keyword has.

Why should we dismiss broad match:

That type of keyword research, most SEO do when a searches for a term that contain all the words of the intended keyword. It gives no useful information and should be dismiss entirely when doing keyword research.

Example, If you select broad match and search any keyword like (web design India) then broad match show 2 same result
Globally Volume Search
Locally Volume Search
Web Design India
India Web Design
How can it possible both keyword searches are same when both keywords are not same that is why ignore broad search.

What I choose between one in exact search or phrase search: If client has given 100 keyword and tell for select 10 or 20 then use exact match otherwise Depend upon your personally thinking and experience; you can use anyone in between both because it offers different volume for above keywords.


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