Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to optimize Image optimization for different Search engine | seo services chennai

Image Optimization is becoming more & more important part in SEO for websites. The ALT attribute is a complicated step that is often ignored. This can be a lost opportunity for better rankings.

In Google webmaster guidelines, webmaster advise the use of alternative text for the images on your web site. in W3C validation is also says that keep alt tag in images otherwise shows error.

If you have put keyword in alt tag that is the good sense for SEO Point of view for better ranking because of search engine spiders can not read image but they can read easily alternate text.

When you are optimizing your images for the search engines you will have to first change the names of these files and give some meaningful keywords or phrase to your images. The file names should help the search engines what is contained in the image. However, make sure that the image names are short while keeping it as descriptive as possible. The best approach here is to use keywords for your file names.

You should always remember not to overload things when you are trying to increase more your keyword strength by including keywords in the file names and in the alt tags .

For E Commerce stores, I would suggest to use the product name as the alt attribute of the product image. That will help SERP for the product name phrases.

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