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Everyone believes that to make your website as per the norms of search engine optimization (SEO) one should make proper use of keywords within a website. Those are familiar with the concept, perform extensive keyword research and use then in their Meta tags. However, what one generally does not consider is that a keyword-rich domain name can also help you make your website successful.

When one talks about the SEO Friendly URL Structure it basically involves including keyword in your URL that can reflect the content of that page. Search engine follow complex algorithms to list their pages and your success in the algorithms depend upon the level of relevance between the URL text and the content on the corresponding webpage. So when one uses SEO friendly URL’s, it increases their chances to secure top rankings as well as proper indexing of their pages.

The concept is also important because it is very easy for someone to match up to your SEO optimized content but what they cannot match with in any scenario is the domain name of your website. Also, when a domain name contains the keyword it looks more reliable to the search engines along with those who are visiting the page. One can remember keyword domain names very easily that makes them user friendly.

You must keep in mind a few things when you are building the URL to make it SEO friendly.

It should be short: You must take care of the length of the URL. People an easily remember the shorter ones are more comfortable to use them. They can even pass them over, if short, that in a way markets your website.

Static helps you stay longer: Moving to static URL structure can help you perform better because most of the search engines prefer them over the dynamic ones. The visitors also find it hard to remember the dynamic ones.

Avoid numbers: It is better not to include numbers in your URL. You can either use some words that describe your website and impart some knowledge about the content.

Mind the case: One thing you must keep in mind is that a URL is case sensitive. So, you must very wisely select the case of your URL. Using capital letters in your URL makes them less preferable. A mix of both the cases should also be avoided.

Prefer Hyphens: When you are confused between Dashes vs. Underscores you can use either of them. They are set preferences by Google about the use of two. However, it is advisable that you use dashes and hyphenate your words instead because search engines especially Google consider each hyphenated word as an individual word.

Follow a single convention: It is always better to follow one set pattern throughout. If you are following a certain convention for your website then do not think of making a few sections different.

Flat Structure vs. Category Structure: Whenever you have to select between to the two, you must keep the number of folders to the minimum possible. Flat structure makes your different pages accessible directly. The category structure includes dividing content into a number of folders but then it unnecessarily creates confusion.

Use fee-based tools: If you are still unsure about your URL you can use some services available online in lieu of a fee that help you analyze your URL.


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