Thursday, April 26, 2012

Google Analytics comes with Premium Version | Syed Aaludeen | SEO Consultant Chennai

Google finally publicly announced Google Analytics Premium!

The official announcement is made on the Google’s blog. In this most I will be highlighting the difference between Google Analytic standard version and the new Premium version. You will find this data useful and handy while talking to your clients/managers/team.

GA Premium
GA Standard

$150,000 per year

Extra Processing Power
Increased data limits – More than billions of
hits per month
10 million hits per month after that sampling is done
50 Custom Variables
5 Custom Variable
Un-sampled reports can be downloaded
Not available
Table aggregation at 1 million rows
Table aggregation at 50 K rows

Premium Features
Attribution modeling tools
3 Year data retention
25 months data retention
Run SQL queries against your data

Phone Support - 24/7 Emergency support line.
No Support
Service Level Agreement of 99.9% in any calendar month.
Data freshness within a maximum of 4 hours 98% of the time.
Enjoy reporting guarantees of 99% in any calendar month.
Business training delivered at your place or through webinar
One assigned account manager
Technical training through implementation is complemented

Data Security

You own all of your data.
Your contract ensures it.
Google owns the data

Right now Google Analytics Premium is available only in the United States, Canada, and the UK but the team is planning to soon roll it out worldwide.
Google Analytics Premium may be not being for everyone but it has given a tough competition to Omniture and WebTrends.

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