Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why You Need a Google+ Business Page | Syed Alaudeen | Social media Market Expert

It's hard to miss the cynicism associated with Google+, Google's social network. With all the commotion about its rivalry with Facebook, don't miss out on its integral role in your business and paid search ads.

Google+ Business Pages are a must for online advertisers.
With the new interaction Google+ has with paid search results, creating and maintaining a Google+ Business Page can give your company additional credibility with searchers. By taking a few extra steps after creating your page, you can link your Google+ Page with your website and your Google ads.

Why would you want to link your Google+ Business Page to your ads and website you ask?
Well, Google now aggregates the total of all the +1's you have received across all platforms. By linking them, a +1 from someone who visited your website can now show up when your ad is triggered on the Google Search Network. This allows your +1 total to grow quicker while giving your ads more authority.
There are three types of +1 annotations in an ad:
  1. None
     This image is what will accompany an ad if no personal or basic +1 annotations are there.

  2. Basic
    Basic +1 annotations show X number of people who have given you a +1 (example shown right).
    Google has extremely high thresholds for this type of annotation, and shows them for very few advertisers.

  3. Personal
    This next ad is an example of an ad with a personal +1 annotation. When someone in your circle has +1-ed a company's ad, website or Google+ Business Page, you will see a personal +1 annotation like the one below.  

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