Thursday, April 26, 2012

Google Analytics for Mobile Websites | Syed Alaudeen | Web Analytics Expert

As more and more people are becoming mobile, it has become important to track the clickstream data of mobile version of website. 
Google Analytics provides server side tracking for .php, .aspx, Perl and JSP. In this post you’ll learn how to add Google Analytics tracking to .aspx mobile site.
For mobile website tracking, please follow below steps:
1) Copy the ga.aspx file from Google Analytics for Mobile server-side snippets SDK   into the root folder of your website ("/"). Make sure that your root directory is configured to execute server-side code. 
2) Paste the below code on top of all mobile website pages
<%@ Page Language="C#" %>
To get the GA tracking ID for your mobile website, go to your Google Analytics account ->New account-> Tracking code and select the options as shown in below pic

3) Paste the below code on all the mobile website pages just before the tag
<% string googleAnalyticsImageUrl = GoogleAnalyticsGetImageUrl(); %>